In founding this company from the ground up, I take great pride in my one-of-a-kind success story that only America can provide. One might say that I represent the “rags to riches” story of the American dream, but the details that have lead me to this point in my life are too laborious to list here. 

Instead, I give all credit to "GOD" for blessing me with a beautiful wife and strong, successful sons. I have also been blessed with my business, England Jewelers, and would love to share in it with you. 

The main focus of England Jewelers includes custom design jewelry, using state-of-the-art CAD design software. The cutting-edge software I use allows an instantaneous demonstration of any number of design options. This computer technology allows for immediate, client-centered service—no matter what design ideas you may be considering. 

England Jewelers also finds its focus in one-to-one service. 

England Jewelers work by appointment only. Appointments allow for a special type of client-designer relationship to be developed, where a perfect marriage between the artist and the client can be achieved. The goal of the client-designer relationship is always to create a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Designs by England jewelers ~ offers a custom jewelry design process where clients’ dreams are transformed into beautiful, wearable jewelry pieces through a process of one-to-one consultation drawing and design. 

I mean for each piece to stand the test of time. My hope is that pieces can be created and cherished as an heirloom, passed down for generations and generations to come. 

The client can be confident that the competence required for creating original works of merit requires knowledge in a wide array of techniques. England Jewelers holds its work and its products high standard of integrity and quality. Corey J. has spent years seeking out and hiring the best artisans and acknowledged masters in this field. England Jewelers has developed a talent for forming the perfect union between a gem and its mounting while offering exquisitely refined pieces and finishes, all of which he relays to the goldsmith. 

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Enjoy the samples of work offered here. Thank you for visiting and for the gift of friendship it means a lot.
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Corey J. England, GG
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